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Dogs Comfort in Times of Need

Author: Chris Long | Date: October 28, 2013

This past weekend was a rough one for me. Well, to be honest, Friday and Saturday were both pretty awesome. Sunday started out the same way. It was chilly, but clear and sunny. We had gotten up early, eager to start our projects. The kids had homework, Dave had some tinkering around the house, I was decorating for Halloween. It was great. We rounded out our Sunday by heading out and seeing a scary movie together. It seemed like a great way to end an autumn weekend. On the ride home, we were each quiet and content, winding down for the night.

We were one block away from home, and it had begun to mist. Suddenly, a large cat darted out in front of us.

We were far enough away to be able to slam on the breaks, but the car in the oncoming lane couldn’t stop, and hit the cat.

With the help of a kind pedestrian, we were able to crate the cat and we rushed him to the vet. Unfortunately, his wounds were so bad the only kind choice was to euthanize him. I just wanted to go home and forget the whole night, but before I could crawl under the covers, I had to go to the ER- in the process of catching the cat, I had gotten a pretty bad bite, and my finger was already swollen.

Three hours later, and I was finally home. I laid in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Normally our dogs sleep in crates, but because they were confined for so long while we were gone, they were loose. On those rare nights that they sleep on the bed, both dogs sleep by our feet, neither one particularly wanting to snuggle. Suddenly, in the dark, I felt a warm body pressing up against me. It was Khaleesi. She crawled up from the end of the bed, and stretched out next to me, reaching her nose up to my face. We stayed that way, her pressed against me, as I stroked her side and listened to her breathe until I fell asleep.

I don’t know how my little hound dog knew I needed her then, but she did. And, like the best friend that she is, she comforted me in the best way she knew how.

Has your dog been a source of comfort to you in a time of need? Share your story with me.


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