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Alison K’s Dogs

Hello, I’m Dexter, the handsome blonde boy. Mom and Dad are not sure what mix of breeds I am, but they know I have some Shepard in me. I was the first four-pawed member of the Kao family. Mom and Dad rescued me when they moved to Colorado. I was a young puppy but had a hard start. I love to play fetch and play with my sister, Delilah. Mom and Dad are also unsure about Delilah’s breed. They think she is a pit/boxer mix. She joined our family a year after me. She was about 1-year-old when we found her and she had been returned to the pound a few times. Before she was at the pound, she was a stray in Pueblo, Colorado. Mom says she was brought back to the shelter because she doesn’t like to be left alone. She says that I help her with this problem when Mom and Dad need to go to work. Delilah loves to run and be crazy but when she is not running and playing she LOVES to cuddle.

My puppy and I got very personalized training that was worth every penny.

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