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Fun at APDT in Spokane

Author: Sarah Gaziano | Date: November 14, 2013

A few weeks ago, I attended the Association of Professional Dog Trainers conference in Spokane, Washington. I have been a dog trainer for about four years now, but have not had the opportunity to go to this annual conference before. I was so excited to finally see what it is all about, meet some of those famous dog trainers we talk about all the time and get free stuff at the vendor fair. All of my expectations were met!

The conference was much larger than I thought it would be.

There were so many dog trainers coming together to share ideas. We swapped ideas about how to stop barking, make classes more fun and discussed new programs to teach our clients. Every speaker gave us some great takeaways, and I feel totally rejuvenated when I walk into my classroom now.

AnimalSense always encourages its trainers to continue our education, and I thought this was a great way to get a large amount information all in one place. Plus, it’s amazing to be in a group with like-minded individuals and learn from them. Everyone at APDT is positive reinforcement trainers, but each person has a different style and experience. There is always something to learn, and it’s incredibly important to keep learning different approaches for our clients’ dogs.

I hope to be able to take my new skills and bring them to my clients in the classroom.

Come take one of my classes, and we’ll test them out!


I felt that AnimalSense genuinely wanted the best for us and our pup.

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