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Nate’s Dog

In August 2012, Nate researched the dogs available for adoption at the Champaign County Humane Society. Three of the four dogs he checked out online were ruled off his list, though he wasn’t too sure about the last dog. Ready to go back and do more research on available dogs, Nate turned to leave and just then saw a beautiful, medium-sized dog sitting quietly at the front of her kennel simply wagging her tail. After taking her out, Nate knew that she was the one. A couple days later, Nate brought home his new dog, Bailey. Bailey is one of the quietest, most well-mannered dogs Nate has ever had the privilege of being with. Although Bailey is excellent with people, she and Nate are working on her nervousness around other dogs and seeing great improvements. Bailey is Nate’s first dog and he feels so grateful that he adopted such a wonderful, easygoing dog while he’s also able to work on some of her behavioral issues. He feels so fortunate to have Bailey as his faithful companion.


The classes keep my dog and me on our toes/paws. AnimalSense makes classes fun for both pooches and people!

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