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Yvonne’s Dogs

Sasha (left) was a fairly new stray to Animal House Shelter in Huntley, Illinois. The Feeneys had a list of several dogs they were interested in, but none felt right until they brought out the newbie. She was estimated to be a year old and had a sweet, calm demeanor. With her striking blue and parti-blue/brown eyes, it was love at first sight. Once arriving in Chicago, it was clear that everything in the city was new to her: stairs, buses, cars, people. A leash? Oh my! One thing felt comfortable to her: squirrels. That’s when AnimalSense training came in handy! Now she is a Canine Good Citizen and a Safe Humane Chicago Ambassador dog. She has appeared in the Chicago Red Eye, on WGN, and a AAA Travel with your Dog book. She even stars in her very own book, made for her by her mom.

A good samaritan had been feeding a pack of feral dogs and contacted Chicago Canine Rescue when a litter of puppies were of weaning age and asked if they could help them. The Feeneys went out with CCR to help catch the 3 month old pups. Kyle and Kenny were vetted and quickly adopted. Unfortunately, Kyle was returned a month later for being “too aggressive” with their 2 year old dog. Being regular CCR fosters, the Feeneys took him in. He was a mouthy puppy who now showed some signs of hand shyness. After some basic training, he’s become the perfect foster failure/permanent addition to the family. He practices agility weekly with his buddies at Hawk City K9.

Our pup is definitely one of the best trained on our block

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