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Tops Tips for Fireworks Season

Author: Betsy Lane | Date: July 3, 2014

Did you know that the 4th of July is peak season for dogs running away? Here are my top three tips for keeping your dogs safe and sane around the 4th of July holiday:

  1. Keep a well-fitting collar with current ID tags on your dog at all times, even if the dog is microchipped.
  2. If your dog is stressed out by fireworks, try increasing the white noise in the house; provide a cozy, cave-like hiding spot; use a body wrap (ask me how!) or Thundershirt; keep him busy with a Kong toy stuffed with something yummy; ask your vet AHEAD OF TIME about short-term anti-anxiety meds and their possible side effects; exercise your dog before the noise starts up; be available to calmly comfort your stressed-out dog if things go south.
  3. Pets and fireworks DO NOT MIX. Leave your pets inside at home, and promptly and thoroughly remove any fireworks debris from your yard. Spent fireworks contain chemicals and small parts that can result in a trip to the emergency vet – not cheap, and not fun. If your dog loves to socialize, consider including him in the family picnic or a long walk with a friend, instead of taking him to the big (dark, crowded, loud, chaotic) fireworks show.

Have a happy and safe holiday!


Betsy Lane of PetKido will be teaching TTouch Essentials at Central Bark on July 17 and at Pet Vets in Oak Park on August 14.


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