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AnimalSensibility: Making Heads & Tails of Your Canine Conundrums


AnimalSensibility is the place to turn to for all of your dog training answers. Collectively, our staff has more than 75 years of extensive and comprehensive experience in dog training and behavior and of course, total dedication to dogs. We are active members of several professional organizations, regularly attend seminars and conferences and are happily obsessed with obtaining the most up-to-date training and behavior information available — and then passing it along to you. This blog is our opportunity to do that on a much larger scale. Our trainers will share new training techniques, case studies from the many classes and private lessons we conduct each week all over Chicagoland, stories from our time volunteering with rescues and shelters, as well as our experiences with our own dogs.


Dogs Don’t Speak English… or Do They?

In my last blog, I wrote about how often us humans turn to our most natural means of communication – verbal language – when trying to communicate with our dogs and how confusing that must be to our dogs at times. The bottom line is that they do not speak English… but there are times […]

Continue Reading     |     October 17, 2013     |     Read all posts by Katie Moody

Living Harmoniously with a Fearful Dog

Do you live with an adult dog that is fearful of (or shy around) new places, people or things? I adopted a fearful dog a few years ago.  He used to be scared of just about everything, including a lot of household items.  I remember him being particularly afraid of the coffee grinder and hearing […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I receive a lot of dog catalogs and other info about dog-related products, so here’s a list of what I consider to be the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Good I will focus on an old favorite, the Gentle Leader.  If you don’t know, the Gentle Leader is a head harness for your […]

Continue Reading     |     October 15, 2013     |     Read all posts by Paulette Solinski

The Power of Calming Signals

I work for an education company called CanineLink when I’m not training for AnimalSense, and I spend at least two nights a week listening to lectures on dog behavior. We are constantly getting new students, and it’s amazing to see their reactions as they learn. After our Canine Communication class, students always say to me […]

Continue Reading     |     October 11, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sarah Gaziano

Great Expectations Part 3: I Will Never Become Ill

For over two years, I’ve worked at an animal hospital and have been amazed at how many people are in utter shock to find their pet is ill.  It’s certainly emotional, as we really never want our beloved four-legged family member to fall ill or have an accident. But unfortunately, it happens.  I’ve seen pet […]

Continue Reading     |     October 9, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Obey

Following Your Instincts: The Barking Dog

We’ve all heard the phrase “follow your instincts,” but no one does this better than a dog. This blog will be the first of a series featuring some of the instincts our dogs follow that we wish they wouldn’t. This month: barking! This one is very personal to me because I have suffered through nuisance […]

Continue Reading     |     October 7, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sarah Tulicki

Shopping Etiquette for Dogs

Shopping, traditionally, is a human activity.  I don’t think you really see wild dogs, wolves, or our local coyotes headed to the mall to check out the latest collars or Apple products.  There is an argument to be made that scavenging is a form of shopping, but the lack of wallets, and, let’s face it, […]

Continue Reading     |     October 4, 2013     |     Read all posts by Nicole Stewart

How to Handle Off-Leash Dog Surprises

I live in a neighborhood where there is a bit of a cultural difference in regards to the ownership, care and training of dogs. Basically, there are lots of off-leash dogs roaming around, and from what I’ve seen, the training styles employed are quite different than what we practice at AnimalSense. A few days ago […]

Continue Reading     |     October 3, 2013     |     Read all posts by Nicolette Meyer

Not a Dog: 15 Fun Facts about Other Animals

This blog is usually dedicated to dogs, but there are so many other fascinating animals on this planet. Here are 15 fun facts about other animals that make me smile: 1. An elephant has the largest brain of all mammals. It’s average is 11 pounds. 2. Sharks lay the biggest eggs in the world. 3. […]

Continue Reading     |     October 1, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lindsay Rapp

Why Do Dogs Do That? The Reverse Sneeze

Rapidly inhaling with short, loud snorts, almost as if gasping for air or gagging.  Sound familiar?  If you have ever lived with a smooshyface aka brachycephalic dog, chances are you’ve witnessed the “reverse sneeze.”  Although it’s most common in these breeds (pugs, boxers, Cavaliers, Boston terriers, etc.), it can happen to any dog.  I see […]

Continue Reading     |     September 26, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lynda Lobo

You are your Dog’s Advocate

You are your dog’s advocate. Remember this. I think a lot of us forget it sometimes, or are nervous about that role. You are your dog’s voice. You are the one thing that stands between your dog and the outside world. That can seem like a big responsibility, but it’s also pretty empowering too. Let […]

Continue Reading     |     September 25, 2013     |     Read all posts by Chris Long

Dog Friendly Weddings

Thinking of including Fido in your big day? Here’s some tips to make your dog friendly wedding memorial and manageable! I got engaged in July, and people have asked if our pug, Barkley, will be part of the festivities. While he is one handsome guy, he is not cut out for a wedding environment, so […]

Continue Reading     |     September 24, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sam Rosen

Electric Fences: The Shocking Truth

I took my dog Bosworth for a walk last week on one of our regular routes in our neighborhood, when two very large dogs charged at us from the back of a house. They ran until the very edge of the property and proceeded to come to a full halt. I breathed a sigh of […]

Continue Reading     |     September 20, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Miller

How Does your Dog’s Sense of Smell Impact Behavior?

I started my last blog with a story about a client asking me why his younger dog could not seem to recognize his older dog when the older dog was out in the backyard. The blog was focused (no pun intended) on how well dogs see. But it just as easily could have focused on […]

Continue Reading     |     September 19, 2013     |     Read all posts by Greg Raub

Dogs Don’t Speak English

I can’t count them number of times I have reminded my clients (and myself) that dogs don’t, in fact, speak English.  They don’t have any idea what most of the sounds that come out of our mouths mean.  While we all know that when we stop and think about it, there are still so many […]

Continue Reading     |     September 18, 2013     |     Read all posts by Katie Moody

Get More Attention on Walks without Saying a Word

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that their dog doesn’t listen outside.  They say his name, try to keep him interested but he is just too distracted by squirrels, baby strollers, discarded chicken bones and other dogs. I, myself, used to have a VERY distracted dog on walks. Sonar never […]

Continue Reading     |     September 17, 2013     |     Read all posts by Alison Spanner

Think Positively: Why Use Positive Training with your Dog

There are lots of reasons to use positive reinforcement techniques for dog training.  Perhaps the ones that are most persuasive are those that cite the science behind it.  It is worthwhile to check out the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and look at some of the studies – if you are on the fence, […]

Continue Reading     |     September 16, 2013     |     Read all posts by Paulette Solinski

Great Expectations Part 2: From Naughty to Well-Behaved

You get a new pup and he is super cute!  He gives you kisses, loves to be held and is just a wonderful furry being.  “I love you, new pup!  Now, hurry up and be a perfectly well-behaved pup, will ya?” I think this is one of the biggest expectations of dogs and certainly one, […]

Continue Reading     |     September 13, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Obey

Living with Dogs

My mentor once told me, “You can never really know a dog unless you live with him.” I believe this is true. You know when your dog is comfortable, stressed, hungry and everything in between, even without knowing anything about dog behavior. You live with this creature and you begin to create a “common language”. […]

Continue Reading     |     September 12, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sarah Gaziano

The Myth of the Perfect Pooch

At first, I struggled with what to write for my first blog. After long deliberation, I decided to write about something I have been experiencing lately and that most people are ashamed to admit about their dogs: Their dog is not perfect. Nowadays our dogs are expected to be as perfect and polite as we […]

Continue Reading     |     September 11, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sarah Tulicki

Dog Park vs. Singles Bar

I’m going to tell you a little secret… I don’t really need, nor want, my dog to be overly interested in other dogs. Gasp! I know.  Seems weird, huh? I’ll tell you another one… Though I did a lot of time in a bar with friends in my early 20’s, I’m not sure I was […]

Continue Reading     |     September 9, 2013     |     Read all posts by Nicole Stewart

Getting Your Dog Ready for Baby

I have had nothing but baby on my mind. I am due in two weeks, so my mind is consumed with getting everything ready. The nursery is complete, the car seat is installed, my hospital bag is packed, so I am feeling pretty good about everything. I am also feeling very good that I have […]

Continue Reading     |     September 6, 2013     |     Read all posts by Erin Schneider

DNA Tests: Worth It?

It could be!  I get this question all the time.  Usually it’s followed with a dismissal, that the results rarely resemble the dogs.  In the case of my two dogs, the results were not only fun, but they really helped me to understand their behavior and live more harmoniously together.  And that’s really what we […]

Continue Reading     |     September 5, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lynda Lobo

Living Up to a Name

Naming your dog is hard. What’s your thought process of choosing a name? Do you have a name picked out before you get the dog? Or do you consider the dog’s personality and appearance? Here are the top 10 most common names for this year. We here at AnimalSense definitely see some funny ones! Top […]

Continue Reading     |     September 4, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lindsay Rapp

Why Your Dog Needs a Solid Recall

Having a solid recall can mean the difference between life and death for your dog. By having a solid recall, I mean that your dog responds consistently to a chosen word and comes bounding back to you. I don’t care if the word is “Come,” “Here,” “Pickle,” “Montana,” or “Sausage.” The point is, when you […]

Continue Reading     |     September 3, 2013     |     Read all posts by Chris Long

Move Along: How to Get your Dog Motivated to Walk

Recently I’ve come across some dogs who, for whatever reason, just refuse to budge when going on walks. It struck me as so odd since most pups LOVE to go for strolls, especially on beautiful summer days like we’ve been having in Chicago lately. Here’s the scenario: I’d get rover leashed up, he’d seem somewhat […]

Continue Reading     |     August 28, 2013     |     Read all posts by Nicolette Meyer

Pets are Like Family Helps Pets Stay in Homes

Pets are relinquished for a variety of reasons – finances, emergencies, illness, behavior problems, relocation, lack of education… the list goes on. But here in Chicago, we are trying to change that. The non-profit, social service organization, Pets are like Family (PALF) assists families and individuals with limited resources care for their beloved four-legged family […]

Continue Reading     |     August 23, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sam Rosen

Find Out What Your Dog Really Sees

I had a question in class a couple of weeks ago about how well dogs can see.  The question came from someone with two dogs.  They had noticed that there were times when Charlie, the dog I was working with, didn’t seem to recognize the other one. “That’s your brother out there.  Can’t you see […]

Continue Reading     |     August 22, 2013     |     Read all posts by Greg Raub

The Name Game

My dog has a lot of names: Huck, Huckleberry, Chuckleberry, Big Guy, Buddy, Bud, Wannagoforawalk to name only a few. Choosing a dog’s name is a ritual of sorts. We make lists, try saying them aloud, imagine calling our dog in from the yard and ask friends for their honest opinion. Once we bring them […]

Continue Reading     |     August 21, 2013     |     Read all posts by Alison Spanner

My Perfect Dog May Not Be Yours

I have been dog training for a few years now. Each time a new class starts, I know there are certain questions that will inevitably be asked but one continues to surprise me:  “Is that okay?” Dog owners ask this whenever they do something that they think might be unacceptable, like letting their dog jump […]

Continue Reading     |     August 16, 2013     |     Read all posts by Paulette Solinski

Doggy Destruction

At the risk of seeming really anti-dog, I am going to pile on to Nicole Stewart’s wonderful and gross blog about dog ownership and point out another less than ideal aspect of dog ownership. Dogs wreck your stuff. Here are just a few examples: Twelve years ago, my husband and I bought our first home.  […]

Continue Reading     |     August 15, 2013     |     Read all posts by Katie Moody

Great Expectations Part 1: A Note to Joggers and Bikers

Last month, I was walking a long-time client’s lovely Golden Retriever in her crowded Chicago neighborhood when something potentially quite dangerous happened.  A young woman was jogging in her very high-tech and ultra-quiet running shoes (think “sneakers”) and ran up behind us on the side of the dog within two feet of her.  Neither one […]

Continue Reading     |     August 14, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Obey

Debunking Lassie

I loved Lassie. Still do. But basing the decision to add a dog to your family on her you might find a lot of class actions suits popping up for false advertising. (“She” was actually a “he”, let the jury note.)  The same goes for Benji, Toto and many other celebrity dogs, short Beethoven and […]

Continue Reading     |     August 9, 2013     |     Read all posts by Nicole Stewart

Winning Eddy Over

This is my dog Eddy laying next to me while I go for a run on my treadmill. I know this doesn’t sound like anything amazing, but actually, it is. You see, Eddy, was my husband David’s dog. The two of them lived without me for almost six years before I moved in, and Eddy […]

Continue Reading     |     August 8, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sarah Gaziano

Party Tips for a Dog’s Birthday Celebration

I have been to more dog birthday parties this year than I have ever been to. My dog, Bailey, turned eight this year, so we threw her a little party. But ours didn’t even compare to the other parties I attended. I was very impressed by the spreads that were presented and the amount of […]

Continue Reading     |     August 7, 2013     |     Read all posts by Erin Schneider

Dogs Abroad

I have been traveling in Italy for the last month, and I found dogs to be very different there. During my first day of walking around Rome, I was actually more in awe of the dog culture then the beauty of the city. My boyfriend Andrew was probably sick of listening to me say “Oh […]

Continue Reading     |     August 2, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lindsay Rapp

How to Treat Your Dog’s Upset Stomach At Home

Both of my dogs have sensitive stomachs, and I’ve spent a fortune on vet bills treating semi-frequent bouts of diarrhea and/or vomiting.  Most of the time it turned out to be nothing serious, and I was sent home with antibiotics and feeding instructions.  Don’t get me wrong – my vet is wonderful and I have […]

Continue Reading     |     July 30, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lynda Lobo

A Positive Video Shoot Success

If you’ve read my blogs before, you may remember that in addition to being an AnimalSense dog trainer, I am also an animal wrangler. Basically, I provide suitable animals for different commercial projects and then handle them on set, having the animals perform the required tasks while maintaining their comfort and safety. This is a […]

Continue Reading     |     July 25, 2013     |     Read all posts by Chris Long

Road Trip Safety for your Four Legged Friend

As we’re enjoying the dog days of summer, many of us will be taking our four legged friends on a road trip. While driving might be an easier alternative to flying with your pet, there are still things that a responsible pet owner should know before hitting the road: NEVER leave your dog in a […]

Continue Reading     |     July 24, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sam Rosen

Your Dog Sits, but Will He Stand?

When the summer weather gets too oppressive for a long walk, you can still spend time with your dog and exercise indoors… mentally.  Why not stay in the air conditioning and teach your dog a new skill? Nearly every dog owner wants to teach Sit and Down. They are basic behaviors we teach in many […]

Continue Reading     |     July 19, 2013     |     Read all posts by Greg Raub

Hangout with Us to Learn about Tellington TTouch®

Tellington TTouch® is one of those things you kind of have to see to believe. I assisted one of AnimalSense’s very first TTouch classes with Chicagoland’s only Certified TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals Betsy Lane years ago. I watched a group of anxious dogs be transformed into calm, relaxed beings that were comfortable being touched […]

Continue Reading     |     July 17, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Miller

I Just Can’t: Why Your Dog Isn’t Responding to You

When your dog doesn’t do what you’ve asked him to do, what do you think is behind it?  Reasons I often hear from owners include, “He’s being stubborn” or “He doesn’t listen to me”. I would like to suggest that there are many other reasons that a dog may not respond, including: He doesn’t fully […]

Continue Reading     |     July 15, 2013     |     Read all posts by Katie Moody

Why Your Dog should be a Canine Good Citizen

After teaching AnimalSense’s Canine Good Citizen class for awhile, I became an evaluator last year. I now test dogs to see if they are worthy of the CGC title. (Yes, that’s what it is now. As of 2013, if your dog passes the test, he can  be awarded a title by the American Kennel Club […]

Continue Reading     |     July 12, 2013     |     Read all posts by Paulette Solinski

How Does your Garden Grow?

Gardens are working overtime to produce vegetables and flowers right now. And while you may be reaping the benefits in your fresh salads and table vases, gardens and yards can pose hazards to the four-legged members of your family. When planting your green space, keep in mind that many popular outdoor plants are toxic to […]

Continue Reading     |     July 10, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Miller

What’s In a Bark?

A lot of the time we think of barking in terms of an unwanted behavior or annoyance. It certainly can be problematic and annoying but sometimes we forget that it serves a real purpose. There are a ton of papers written about research done on decoding barks in domesticated dogs that are fascinating.  Then, you […]

Continue Reading     |     July 8, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Obey

Everyone Has a Limit

“My dog would never bite.” I hear this a lot, and I wonder why anyone would think that. I can’t even guarantee my behavior.  With the right circumstances, I can act a little crazy. Take my most recent airport experience: I had traveled through Atlanta to North Carolina with two children under 5 for a […]

Continue Reading     |     July 5, 2013     |     Read all posts by Nicole Stewart

Game Time

The other night my husband and I were enjoying a quiet evening at home, when all of a sudden we heard cheering from our downstairs neighbors. My husband and I just looked over to each other and said “the Blackhawks must have won.” Our dog, Bailey, didn’t move from her spot on the floor. With […]

Continue Reading     |     July 3, 2013     |     Read all posts by Erin Schneider

I Hate Summer

Summer is hot, and I don’t like the heat. There is not an air conditioner in the world that makes me feel comfortable enough. If I had my way, I would wear a sweatshirt at all times and it would snow most of the year. But I will just have to suck it up and […]

Continue Reading     |     July 1, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sarah Gaziano

Coping with the Sounds of Summer

It’s that time of year!  The 5-day forecast shows storm after storm.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m already hearing fireworks around my neighborhood in the evenings.  These are the kinds of noises that turn my dog into a shaky mess, especially when it happens day after day. When our dogs get stressed, […]

Continue Reading     |     June 26, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lynda Lobo

Taking Risks with your Dog

When it comes to owning and training dogs, the ways to do it are endless. As a professional in the pet industry, I like to think that I have a lot of knowledge about owning animals, especially dogs. But, as I mentioned in a previous blog, I also recognize the fact that I don’t know […]

Continue Reading     |     June 24, 2013     |     Read all posts by Chris Long

What Breeds Don’t Tell You about Dogs

I always thought pugs were nice. So, you can imagine my shock and horror when our year old, adopted pug began to show signs of fear aggression: lunging at strangers on the street and friends entering our home. I couldn’t believe it. After bringing Barkley home from a rescue in Indiana, it wasn’t long before […]

Continue Reading     |     June 21, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sam Rosen

Taking Fido to the Street Festival

Last week, I stopped by a local street festival.  Street fairs, concerts in the park, parades and festivals… they are great places for people watching.  But last week I found myself dog-watching.  I was actually surprised at the number of people who brought along their pooches.  I was also a bit troubled, because the first […]

Continue Reading     |     June 19, 2013     |     Read all posts by Greg Raub

SUP with your Dog

Stand up paddling (SUP) isn’t anything new. The sport is actually an ancient form of surfing that originated in the Hawaiian islands. However, in the past ten years, stand up paddle boarding has spread from beaches to rivers, lakes and nearly every other body of water. As one of the fastest growing sports in the […]

Continue Reading     |     June 18, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Miller

Mom, Can We Get a Puppy?

If you have a child that likes dogs at all, chances are you’ve heard this phrase more than once.  Puppies are irresistible to most kids, but in my experience, the reality of life with a puppy sometimes doesn’t match up for kids. The cute factor is impossible to deny and even us grown ups have […]

Continue Reading     |     June 17, 2013     |     Read all posts by Katie Moody

What Dog Device is your Must-Have?

In a recent issue of Food Network magazine, many well-known chefs were asked “What is the one kitchen device you can’t live without? Not one but two chefs picked something called a Microplane zester, which is apparently essential if you have a fresh nutmeg emergency. I decided to ask the same question of a number […]

Continue Reading     |     June 12, 2013     |     Read all posts by Paulette Solinski

Focus on the Positive

In dog training, we always remind our clients to reward for positive behavior.  I remind myself routinely as well when training and also when things in life test me. What holds true in dog training holds true in life. As humans, we sometimes tend to focus on the behaviors and things we don’t want – […]

Continue Reading     |     June 10, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Obey

Shall We Do This the Easy Way or the Hard Way?

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you will know that I really believe that the most important aspect of dog training is building relationship between dog and human.  When you have that, you have a lot. So, for a moment, I’m going to put you in a dog’s shoes, if I may. It’s […]

Continue Reading     |     June 7, 2013     |     Read all posts by Nicole Stewart

How to Get a Great Puppy

Welcome to another in my series of dog-sitting blogs. I love to share my adventures with you in hopes that you will be entertained and maybe even learn something. Over Memorial Day weekend, I dog sat this puppy. He is young, but so wonderful. He’s a well-bred Golden Retriever, and his mom has done tons […]

Continue Reading     |     June 6, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sarah Gaziano

How to Help your Dog with Change

There has been a lot of change going on in the Schneider household. Last month, I wrote about how my husband and I were in the middle of changing our den into a nursery and how our dog, Bailey, is not enjoying it. We have spent the last few weekends installing all the nursery furniture […]

Continue Reading     |     June 5, 2013     |     Read all posts by Erin Schneider

On the Road Again

I am planning a month-long trip to Italy this summer.  As a business owner, you’d think I’d be worried about leaving for such a long period of time, but I have an amazing staff, so I am 100% confident that my business will be fine without me. I’m more concerned about my three dogs. I […]

Continue Reading     |     June 3, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lindsay Rapp

Sophie’s Story: What to Do If You Find a Stray

She ran in front of my car on my way to work in Olympia, Washington.  I pulled over to see if the owner of the cute border collie mix was anywhere nearby.  No one knew where she came from.  She was shy at first, but I quickly coaxed her into my car.  She hopped in […]

Continue Reading     |     May 31, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lynda Lobo

Listen to your Dog

Our puppy Khaleesi is almost seven months old now. We’ve passed the majority of the puppyhood milestones: shots, teething, spaying, basic manners, house training. We have been able to achieve all of these, some more easily than others, but achieved nonetheless. Sometimes I feel that a majority of her young life has been spent listening […]

Continue Reading     |     May 30, 2013     |     Read all posts by Chris Long

ASPCA Gives Victims of Abuse a Second Chance

Victims of animal cruelty are getting some extra TLC at the ASPCA’s new animal behavior rehabilitation center in Madison, New Jersey. The center is the first one of its kind providing rehab for fevictims of puppy mills, hoarding and other cruelty cases. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ state of the […]

Continue Reading     |     May 29, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sam Rosen

Be a Good Neighbor

I was walking home from a Recall & Leash Manners class the other day when I saw a sign posted in a flower bed. I was intrigued/amused enough to snap a picture.  If you can’t make it out, the sign says in a combination of words and pictures, “Dear dog, please pee on a tree […]

Continue Reading     |     May 28, 2013     |     Read all posts by Greg Raub

What are you Reading?

I went to school full-time until I was 25, so I think we can all assume I am bit of a nerd.  I am also an avid reader of two genres: fiction and dog training books.  Before I started dog training as my profession and I was just a dog owner, I was overwhelmed by […]

Continue Reading     |     May 21, 2013     |     Read all posts by Alison Spanner

Off to School

It’s puppy season!  Seems like almost every day I bump into someone at my kids’ school who is proudly holding a brand new puppy.  Of course, being a trainer and puppy lover, I am always one of the first in line to meet the new family member.  Very often people ask me how old their […]

Continue Reading     |     May 17, 2013     |     Read all posts by Katie Moody

The Power of a Microchip

Most pet parents know that a microchip provides safe, permanent identification for your dog or cat. The circuit, which is about as large as a grain of rice, is implanted under the skin of the animal between the shoulder blades through injection. The chip has a unique ID and comes with a registration certificate. Just […]

Continue Reading     |     May 15, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Miller

Remembering Rin Tin Tin

My favorite breed of dog is the German Shepherd.  I have never owned one but have always thought they were everything one would want in a dog – beautiful, smart, brave and loyal.  In my head, I even have a picture of the one I would own, and he would be named Stanley. I know […]

Continue Reading     |     May 13, 2013     |     Read all posts by Paulette Solinski

Let’s Have Some Fun

As a dog trainer, it is my job to help you have the best relationship you can with your dog.  In class, we only have an hour each week to teach you the tools you need to accomplish whatever you wish to achieve.  I can teach you all sorts of things about how to modify […]

Continue Reading     |     May 10, 2013     |     Read all posts by Andrea Obey

I Think My Dog’s New Friend is Using Him

I started out the care-taking process as a dog mom.  I did a couple trial runs early before I was married and had kids in order to make sure that I could keep a living being healthy and alive.  To be honest, my past with plants was not a good omen. There are so many wonderful things […]

Continue Reading     |     May 8, 2013     |     Read all posts by Nicole Stewart

Eddy the Loner

My dog does not get along with other dogs. It’s just a fact of life. He has spent the last nine years not liking other dogs. It doesn’t matter to me or to him frankly; we just live around it. It honestly doesn’t even dawn on me to think about it. I had a conversation […]

Continue Reading     |     May 7, 2013     |     Read all posts by Sarah Gaziano

Change is Never Easy

My husband and I live in a small, one-bedroom condo and in order to make room for baby, we have to change our den into a nursery. So my husband and I have been busy the last few weekends boxing up some books and moving things around. This does not thrill our dog, Bailey. Bailey […]

Continue Reading     |     May 6, 2013     |     Read all posts by Erin Schneider

Pepsi the Cat: A Love Story

For almost 16 years, one of my mom’s dearest friends was a black and white cat she called Pepsi. When I was in 6th grade, a classmate of mine was going through some family troubles and she spent about a year with us. She begged to have a kitten, and my mom agreed, thinking it […]

Continue Reading     |     May 3, 2013     |     Read all posts by Chris Long

Project Malamute

This story made headlines a little while ago, but Malamutes are still looking for their forever homes. In October 2011, breeder Mike Chilinski was caught with severely neglected Malamutes at his home in Helena, Montana. He had adults, puppies and many pregnant females. The local Lewis & Clark Humane Society was assisted by The American Humane […]

Continue Reading     |     May 1, 2013     |     Read all posts by Lindsay Rapp

Having a Ball with Food

With a deep love of food, Barkley the pug can certainly be categorized as a very food motivated dog. Having been bred to sit in laps plus a bum leg, Barkley wouldn’t be considered a very athletic canine. Far from it, in fact. But having a perpetually hungry dog who lacks interest in exercise could […]

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How Dogs Learn

A new session of classes is starting this week, and once again, I find myself talking a lot about “how dogs learn.” It is a topic we cover in the first week of almost every class we offer. Like other trainers, I’ve developed my own little standard talk about the three keys to learning: Motivation.  […]

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The Ballad of a Lazy Dog

Hi, I’m Lulu, and I’m here to talk to you about the importance of naps.  Also, butt scratches.  Oh, and don’t forget stretching.  You see, I’m a lazy dog.  I don’t like to run, or do obstacle courses, or chase squirrels.  I like to hide under the covers for hours at a time, and if […]

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May I Please NOT Pet Your Dog?

I think that most people who have kids will agree with me that, at times, parenting feels like a multi-year nag.  “Use your napkin.”  “Say please.” “Don’t jump on the couch.”  You get the idea.  In my house, several of these long standing reminders have to do with dogs.  “Don’t put your face in the […]

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How to Stop your Dog’s Annoying Attention-Seeking Behavior

In my blog last month, I discussed attention-seeking behavior.  There are two types of attention seeking behavior: necessary and nuisance.  Here, I will discuss why nuisance attention-seeking behavior persists and what to do to stop it. As I always say in my classes, the consequence of your dog’s behavior is either good or bad – […]

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Bad Dog

I came across a show called “Bad Dog” on Animal Planet recently.  The title was intriguing, so I gave the show a try.  It was exactly as represented. One segment featured a dog that liked to chase golf balls. He would find a golf ball and toss it down the steps. He liked to do […]

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With the Wind in My Face

Before I got my puppy Bosworth last year, I dreamed of him sitting in a basket on the front of my bicycle enjoying the fresh air as we rode around town. Those dreams quickly dissolved as my little 6 pound puppy soon reached 10, 12, 15 and finally ended up at 20 pounds. Being a […]

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Beyond the Garden Gate

It’s a beautiful, breezy spring day.  The dogs have a bigger case of cabin fever than you do and so you decide to let them out in the backyard to run around, play, and smell every intriguing scent being carried by the wind while you are inside catching up on work, cooking, laundry, or returning […]

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Build your Confidence

My mother and I recently had a conversation about self-esteem. My mother believes a woman can do anything in life if she has high self-esteem, and I agreed with her. We talked about how so many women feel they aren’t pretty enough or smart enough and how if they just built their confidence, they might […]

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Love at First Sight

Imagine this:   Open to an empty parking lot. Two cars pull up with a space between them. One car opens and a woman gets out, standing with a look of expectation. The second car door opens.  A man gets out.  He goes to the back door and opens it. A beautiful Pittie Mix comes […]

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Faithful Friends

My husband and I recently went to London and spent some time at the wonderful British Museum. We were walking through the Greek and Roman section when I saw a sculpture titled “Molossian Hound”. It immediately caught my attention, because, well, it was a sculpture of a dog. I was particularly interested after reading the […]

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Up to Snuff

The Spring I session is coming to a close, and my students in K9 Nose Work have been doing an unbelievable job. Every time their dogs do a search, they become more confident and happier. Nose Work is so beneficial for dogs. It is extremely therapeutic for dogs to be allowed to sniff and hunt […]

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Ask a Trainer Question Answered

Here’s the next round of answers for our Ask a Trainer feature on our website. It’s your chance to get dog training advice from the pros at AnimalSense. Stay tuned for more questions & answers, and if you have a burning dog training question, just “Ask a Trainer”! I’m wondering what the “official” views on furminators […]

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A True Expert

I’ve spent my entire life around dogs, which I’ve mentioned here before. My grandparents own a dog boarding kennel in the suburbs, and when I was younger, I was convinced that growing up with a dog kennel in my backyard gave me some kind of superiority over other “dog” people. Sure, you like dogs, but […]

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Run Rover Run

Running is something that I do not enjoy. I have tried it, but it’s not for me. But my Pittie mix, Kayla, loves it. She has a TON of energy and needs to burn it off. Kayla is dog reactive, so she cannot go to dog parks or doggy daycare. So, I needed to find […]

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Crossing the Threshold

Last weekend I was sitting in my living room reading.  Ernie, my dog, was laying quietly on the floor a couple of feet away.  My partner Steve walked in the room just as I heard ominous steps on our front porch:  the mailman was approaching.  That is something that sends Ernie into a barking frenzy.  […]

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Is My Older Dog’s Behavior Normal Aging or Something More?

Have you noticed the older dog in your life having difficulty navigating the backyard or getting stuck in a corner of the kitchen?  Perhaps an older dog who hasn’t had an accident in the house since their house training puppy days is now having frequent accidents. Occurrences such as these and many other changes in […]

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What’s Next? Beyond Basic Training

Congratulations!  Your hard work has paid off, and your dog just graduated from their obedience class.  You’ve learned to manage their less-than-desirable habits, taught them all sorts of fun and interesting behaviors, and even some tricks.  You’ve built a foundation for a wonderful bond with your dog for many years to come. In fact, you […]

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Do Nothing Training

OK, it’s time to be honest.  What is the number one thing that we as dog owners want our dogs to do?  I think that if we are really being honest, the answer is nothing.  Yes, we want our dogs to respond to our cues so that when we ask them to sit, they sit.  […]

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Left or Right Paw?

Ten percent of people in the world are left handed. This got me wondering whether the percentage is similar for dogs. Yes, dogs have actually been shown to have a preference for one paw over the other. Turns out that the preference in dogs runs along gender lines.  According to a study done at the […]

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Attention-Seeking Behavior: Nuisance or Necessary?

Let’s talk Attention-Seeking Behavior.  What is it?  Well, first and foremost, it’s annoying! I think we would be hard pressed to find a dog owner who hasn’t been annoyed by one or all of the following behaviors: Pawing or nuzzling your arm Whining Jumping up on you Barking Staring In reality, some attention-seeking behavior serves […]

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Wanting the Dog You Have

I have done private training for the past 13 years. I have seen people who get exactly the dog they had dreamt of, and then I have also seen people who get a dog with unexpected issues, drives or temperaments. This can happen in the case of the dog being adopted from a rescue or […]

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Remember to Breathe

The first week of training class is always exciting and a little stressful at the same time.  I love to see who returns to class, and to meet the new dogs and people.  I cannot tell you how much I look forward to teaching, learning, connecting, helping and having a good time in the process. […]

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Bailey and Baby Make Too

My husband and I have some very exciting news to share: we are expecting our first child this September! We could not be happier about this news, I just don’t know how Bailey is going to take it. For seven years, Bailey has been an only child, and happily so. Bailey has had all of […]

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Mental and Physical Winter Exercise for Your Dog

Winter is tough on our dogs. Cold, inclement weather can make it unpleasant for both our dogs and us to get outside to exercise. So you have to get creative about how you are going to stimulate them mentally and physically so they don’t go stir crazy. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have […]

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