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Google+ Hangout: How to Get your Dog in Showbiz

The trainers of AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior interview an animal wrangler about working with dogs for film and photography shoots. Could your dog be the next superstar?

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Google+ Hangout: Getting Started in Therapy Dog Work

We often hear from pet parents who are interested in getting their dog into an Animal Assisted Therapy Program (AAT – informally known as pet therapy). In this Hangout, the AnimalSense trainers will discuss the steps, including Canine Good Citizen classes. We’ll also share some personal experiences and a few lessons learned.

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Google+ Hangout: Tellington TTouch

Does your relationship with your dog need a boost? Tellington TTouch® Training improves focus, builds confidence and fosters mutual respect between you and your dog using touch, wraps and various “mindful movements”activities. Chicagoland’s only certified instructor, Betsy Lane of PetKiDo, discusses TTouch with the AnimalSense trainers.

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Google+ Hangout: Dog Park Safety

The trainers at AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior discuss important tips to keep your dog safe at the dog park in this Google+ Hangout.

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Google+ Hangout: Careers with Dogs

Is your career going to the dogs? Do you wish you could work side-by-side man’s best friend? AnimalSense welcomed two special guests to our panel from CanineLink, a Chicago company dedicated to improving peoples lives with their pets through education. We discussed different career paths for dog lovers, from training to grooming, as well as what you should look for in an educational program. Watch this Hangout to get career answers from our panel of pet professionals.

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Google+ Hangout: Kids & Dogs

Our trainers love kids & dogs! In this Hangout, we provide tips on how to introduce your dog to a new baby as well as managing toddlers and dogs in the same household. You’ll learn how your older child should approach dogs to keep everyone safe.

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WGN Morning News Around Town

Our trainers share tips for introducing your dog to your baby.

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Google+ Hangout: Touch Basics

Our trainers discuss the behavior of Touch and share different benefits of this behavior for your dog.

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Google+ Hangout: Nothing in Life is Free

Our trainers discuss the theory of “Nothing in Life is Free” and how you can incorporate this into your home.

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Google+ Hangout: New Year Resolutions for your Dogs

Our trainers discuss New Year resolutions for their dogs and share ways to improve your life with your furry friend in 2013.

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