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Behavior Consultations

Is your dog aggressive with other dogs or with people? Does your dog obsessively dig or chew? Does your dog bite or nip? Is your dog suffering from what seems like separation anxiety? Is your dog anxious when they hear loud noises? Does your dog chase or harass your other pets?

These are not uncommon behaviors in our canine counterparts, especially in puppies or new dogs to the household. However, it is a problem if these behaviors do not dissipate or are not managed effectively. If you feel like your dog is holding you captive or you just don’t know how to overcome or work with the problem any longer, you may need behavior counseling.

A private Behavior Consultation will help you to identify problems and learn how to avoid potentially dangerous situations with your dog. Common behavior problems addressed in Behavior Consultations include aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, resource guarding or interactions with other pets. We come to your home to evaluate your dog’s temperament, ask questions and find viable solutions to encourage change in your dog’s behavior.

Our professional consultation includes an evaluation of your dog(s) by our animal behaviorist, a written detailed explanation of findings, identification of the likely reasons of the behavior’s onset and treatment recommendations. Additional services include a follow up with the dog’s veterinarian, follow up and training sessions with the behaviorist. We have four different packages available to suit your needs.

Contact AnimalSense for more information and pricing on Behavior Consultations.

We also offer a group class to help owners with dogs who are aggressive toward other dogs or people while on walks. If your dog’s on-leash behavior embarrasses you, consider Doggone Issues. This class will give you the individualized attention and options you need to work through your dog’s reactivity.



Both trainers had different approaches to offer to help solve any problems we were having.

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