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Laura O.

If you’re looking for a place to take your puppy for obedience training look no further.  AnimalSense’s founder, Jamie Damato is an inspiration.  Her love for animals drives her business and it was proven when she took an afternoon off to accompany my husband and I on a trip to several dog shelters.  We were guided by her keen knowledge of dog behavior and after many introductions we adopted Jack, a 10 week old border collie mix that came to the shelter six weeks earlier with a broken leg and had been separated from most of the dogs to recuperate.

We never intended to go in looking for the perfect dog – Jack is high strung, an avid herder of anything that moves, but I like a challenge and we backpack and camp and Jack now has an oulet for all that energy! We all saw Jack’s potential that day at the pound.  We signed up for obedience training classes at the AnimalSense’s Oak Park location.  Jack was a quick study and learned how to better socialize with other dogs every week.

Four years later, we are so thankful for the guidance given to us by AnimalSense’s highly trained staff!

Thank you for offering such a wide variety of classes. We’re going to sign Jack up for Agility this Summer.

The trainers really get to know and evaluate your dog to figure out techniques that the dog will respond to.

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