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Betsy’s Dog

Biscuit was named after the famous racehorse, Seabiscuit, because of her great heart and terrific, graceful speed. Her breeder described her as the “thinker” of the litter—she loves to investigate new things, solve problems, and learn new behaviors, especially through clicker training. Some of her other favorite things are playing in the snow or open water, babies and kids, and when her extended human family comes to visit. She doesn’t like vet visits, fireworks, or tall strangers suddenly reaching out to pat her on the head. One of her nicknames is “The Supervisor,” a role she takes very seriously whenever her people are working around the house or yard. Biscuit has earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate and her AKC Tracking Dog and Tracking Dog Excellent titles, and is working towards earning her Variable Surface Tracking title to become an AKC Champion Tracker.

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