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Katie’s Dogs

Tucker is a black lab born in 2009 and who came to live with the Moody clan at 9 weeks of age. Now that’s he’s worked his way through that pesky teenage period, he has become a fabulous family dog. He loves nothing better than playing fetch. He will retrieve anything from a floating kong flung 20 yards out into frigid Lake Superior to a tennis ball kicked 10 feet in the living room. If it moves, he’ll bring it back and beg you with big, brown eyes to do it again. He also loves romping in the woods of northern Wisconsin, food and anyone who’s in bed and will cuddle.

Tucker recently acquired a roommate named Hobo. He was adopted from Orphans of the Storm in November of 2013. He’s a five pound terrier mix of some sort. Times were pretty tough in Hobo’s prior life in a hoarding situation, and he is now determined to make sure that Tucker knows that his newly acquired chews, fabulous toys and soft, cozy sleeping spots are “MINE! MINE! MINE!” Luckily, Tucker’s life of luxury gives him little reason to argue with Hobo’s claims, especially since there’s a 65 pound weight difference.

I have worked with many of the trainers who are part of the AnimalSense team. They are wonderful!

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