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Training Tracks

AnimalSense Canine Training and Behavior is pleased to announce our new Training Tracks program. It’s one year of dog training that will last a lifetime!

Here’s how it works: choose a training track based on your dog’s age.


Got a puppy?

AnimalSense Elementary guides you from socializing and building a bond with your puppy to managing your canine teenager’s regressions and independence. On this track, learn what to expect and how to best approach training at each stage of your dog’s life.

You’ll start this intensive puppy training program with Puppy Pre-School for dogs 7 to 16 weeks old, then graduate to Puppy Grade School for dogs 4 – 8 months old and finally move to Middle Management for dogs 8 months to 2 years of age. This program will set you and your pup up for a lifetime of fun and companionship!

Have an adult dog?

AnimalSense University offers a track to brush up on or learn the basics and then focus on typical problem areas. Whether you have just rescued a dog or perhaps just started training later in your dog’s life, this program gives you 18 weeks of training and relationship building.

Choose either Welcome Home (for rescues) or Fido Foundations (for all adult dogs) to master the basics, then move to Focus: Distraction Training for the Real World where your dog will learn that YOU are the most important thing in their lives and finally tackle Recall & Leash Manners.

Sign up for all three classes one right after another, or spread them out throughout the course of a year.

With our Training Tracks, you save over 20%. That’s a discount of $150! Pay just $435 and receive three six-week training classes regularly priced at $195 each.

Plus, Training Track students get first priority in our classes!

That means you have a guaranteed spot for each of your three classes in your Training Track. And we offer consistency in location and days/times that are convenient for your schedule. Training Tracks are currently offered in Chicago, Oak Park and Glenview.

Interested in learning more about our Training Tracks? Contact us or call 312-564-4570.

I have worked with many of the trainers who are part of the AnimalSense team. They are wonderful!

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